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Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is invented in the 19. century by Adolphe Quetelet to evaluate the body mass.


Body weight in Kilogramm divided through body size in Meter to the second

It's more easy to use an online bmi calculator

The meaning:
Meaning (WHO):

BMIt Meaning
less than 19 Unterweight
19 to 25 Normal weight
25 to 30 Over weight
30 to 35 Obesity 1
35 to 40 Obesity 2
more than 40 Obesity 3

Meaning (NRC 1989):

Age BMI Normal weight
19–24 19–24
25–34 20–25
35–44 21–26
45–54 22–27
55–64 23–28
Ab 65 24–29

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